Ritesh Gupta

I most recently led the 360° rebrand for Pet Plate with Sagmeister & Walsh (now &Walsh) + R/GA.

About the rebrand: ​Contrary to the approach of our competitors, we sought to create an identity that humanizes and celebrates dogs in a playful and approachable way, and appealed to both humans and dogs.

We were inspired by how dogs see the world, traditional blue and white porcelain plates, and Winston (founder Renaldo’s goofy dog). Humanizing and appealing to dogs manifested in using plates (not bowls), blue (one of the few colors dogs can see), and other applications.

Thanks to the Sagmeister & Walsh team, Henry Hargreaves (photography), Claudia Domingues (prop styling), Francesca del Balzo (pre-production), Charlotte Omnes (food styling), Zach Vitale (retouching), Andy Baker Studio (animations), Or Type (customized Separat typeface), Paul Katterl (Anarchy typeface), R/GA (select website UX/UI), and, of course, the Pet Plate team and its affiliates.

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