Ritesh Gupta


I love mentoring (I mentor people and people mentor me). 

I support 50% of my mentees through adhoc Q&A sessions via email and Zoom and the other 50% through a flexible, goal-oriented "curriculum." Here's a few of 'em.

Annika Hansteen-Izora: 

portfolio, instagram 

Marques Oden: 


Marco Cousins:


Malik Whatley: 


Mark Tang: 


If you're interested in being mentored by me (or vice-versa), contact me. Side note: I'm happy to mentor people older than myself (people call this phenomenon reverse mentoring - I just call it mentoring).

BONUS for reading until the end: Here's a living list of BIPOC resources that people from around the world have started organizing and contributing to. Add to it, share it, live it.

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